I am Beverly M. Hedberg, Ph.D. — the individual behind the web site governmentplainandsimple.com.

My Master degree in Public Policy is from Regent University and my Ph.D. in Urban Services Management from Old Dominion University. After earning these degrees, I had the opportunity to serve as a member of the faculty in the undergraduate program at Regent and in the graduate-level program of the Robertson School of Government and to act as the Interim Associate Dean of the latter.

After teaching at Regent for 11 years at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, I am now working to motivate and inspire others with the remarkable things that the Word of God says about civil government (Vitae).

The final pages of the history of the United States of America are not yet written. I know that her most dynamic years lie ahead. My passion is to equip others with the same confidence that I have in the Word of God as the sure foundation and guide for public policy – plain and simple.